Thursday, 14 October 2010

Stadium for Cornwall

The long running saga of the Stadium for Cornwall has take a couple of new twists.

The first is that I have been given permission to publish the first report of the external consultants which gives an idea of where the site for the stadium should be. Of course this isn't the full report and it was initially marked as confidential but I have asked for clearance to publish it and this has now been given. The report is attached at the bottom of this post.

While this report says that Truro or Threemilestone is the favoured venue we have also heard from Cabinet member Carolyn Rule that there is unlikely to be any public money forthcoming for the Stadium.

At the same time, I now understand that there is a big push to try to site a stadium in mid-Cornwall, possibly somewhere near Victoria on the A30. If it were to be there, the site could possibly play host to the Pirates (but presumably not Truro City) and also a park and ride facility for Newquay. We have also heard pushes recently for a speedway facility in the St Austell area and mid Cornwall is the site of Cornwall's most successful athletics club. Could someone combine all of these and also add in the occasional attractions of concerts and festivals? If it were to happen, presumably it would not involve Council funding?

My objection to the Stadium plan has always been to any public money being roped into the plan. It seems as though Cornwall Council are now talking sense on this project. If private developers want to come forward with plans for a stadium in an area which the planners are happy with then they deserve our (non-financial) best wishes.

The first consultants report on the siting for a stadium for Cornwall:

Site Assessment Summary Report FINAL Distributed v2

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