Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Congratulations to Anthea McIntyre MEP

The Lisbon Treaty included a provision that the UK would get one extra member of the European Parliament and the Electoral Commission has just issued a report which states that this MEP will be assigned to the West Midland region.

I've just done a quick calculation and found that, if there were seven MEPs to be elected in the West Midlands rather than 6 then it would be the Conservatives who would win the seat.

The Conservatives won two MEPs in the West Midlands in 2009 and the third person on their list is Anthea Elizabeth Joy McIntyre. Presumably (unless she declines to position of the local Conservative nominating officer declines to name her to the post), she will become the new MEP.

(Note: Results of the 2009 Euro elections are here and the list of nominated candidates for each party is here.)

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