Monday, 18 October 2010

Camelford Leisure Centre set for the chop

The first (of many) cuts by Cornwall Council has leaked out. Staff at Camelford Leisure Centre have been told that the facility is to be closed by Cornwall Council as part of efforts to save money.

This is bad news for three reasons:

  • It deprives the community of Camelford of a significant local facility;
  • It comes at a time when the whole future of Cornwall's leisure service is under review because of the amalgamation of the six former district council leisure services into one. Surely the right time to decide whether (or not) to close a centre would be when this review has concluded.
  • It gives the lie to the idea being put out by the Council that nothing is yet decided about the budget. Last week the scrutiny committee toured Cornwall listening to residents' ideas about the budget. Was this exercise just a charade?

No doubt more information about Cornwall Council service cuts will emerge over the next few days. I hope that the decisions are not as disastrous as this one.

UPDATE - Join the Facebook group to Save Camelford Leisure Centre here.

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camelfordresident said...

I am surprised it has stayed open this long! Our family use to use both the gym and pool, but unfortunately found both facilitys to be dated, grubby and cramped.

Last weekend we chose to take the 20 minutes journey to Bude to take our family swimming rather than use our own local leisure facilitys in Camelford.

Camelford is a dying town due to a lack of money put back in to regenerate the town. It seems to be nothing more thasn a dumping ground now.