Thursday, 2 September 2010

Traffic calming in Town Mills

I've been talking to residents in Town Mills about problems with cars speeding round the tight bends from Under Lane. Drivers who don't know the area often are not aware that they are entering the built-up area of the town and the corners are much tighter than they might expect. As a result, we get cars traveling too fast and sometimes out of control as they go round the bends.

I'm delighted that Cornwall Council has agreed to put some new road markings down to warn drivers that they are approaching a built-up area with tight corners and telling them to slow down.

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berni_murphy said...

Glad to hear that something is being done for town mills....would love for some traffic calming on St Stephens Hill. Took the third cat to be runover on the hill to vets at 11pm last night, it's a 30mph limit but cars race up at twice that speed..?