Friday, 3 September 2010

Remembering Big Cyril

It's very sad to hear of the passing of Sir Cyril Smith, the former MP for Rochdale and one of the most memorable public figures of the 70s and 80s - even more famous than Lembit is today.

I remember Cyril coming to the first Hemsworth by-election in Yorkshire in 1991. Our candidate, Val, owned a couple of fast food takeaways and we held a photo op with Val feeding pizza to Cyril. Not surprisingly, the cameras loved it.

Cyril was never one to 'conform' - he opposed the traditional party stance on capital punishment, nuclear weapons and abortion - and that attitude applied to himself as well. He wasn't someone with a weight problem - he was fat and never tried to hide it. Hence the willingness to play up to his caricature with the photo op in Hemsworth.

My condolences to Norman - his brother and ever faithful attendant - and the rest of the family.

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