Thursday, 16 September 2010

Individual registration coming sooner rather than later

It's good news (if slightly geeky) that the Government have announced that they have dropped the planned voluntary phase of the move towards individual registration of electors. That means that the process will start for real in 2014.

Individual registration means that each adult will have to complete an electoral registration form rather than a single form being completed for each household. It means that personal identifiers (signatures or dates of birth for example) can be collected and these are the best possible way of combatting fraud in elections.

The phased introduction (no one will be excluded from the register for failing to register as an individual for 12 months - until after the next general election) will hopefully appease the Labour argument that it could lower registration levels. But the problem of fraud is so significant (or potentially so) that this move is very welcome.

Hat-tip to Mark Pack for this news.

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Anonymous said...

What additional measures will be taken to prevent second home owners transferring their vote from Tory safe seats up country to Cornwall marginals? Presumably the same as the amount of effort made by Lib Dem MPs to ensure Cornwall-only constituencies in the debate on the Constituencies & Voting Bill - i.e. precisely none.