Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hague or Coulson - I know who I think should be forced out of office

On a day when even Tony Blair's autobiography has been forced from the top of the news bulletins by the William Hague story, it seems that no other political subject could possibly make the headlines.

Yet there is one story which should do. It is the New York Times story on the involvement of Andy Coulson in the royal phone tapping scandal. At the time, Coulson was editor of the News of the World and denied any knowledge of the phone tapping by the paper's royal reporter Clive Goodman and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire. Yet he resigned anyway and went on to work as Director of Communications for the Conservative Party and now as a top advisor to the PM in Downing Street.

The NYT alleges that Coulson knew all about the phone tapping scandal (in fact, that everyone in Fleet Street knew how to get answerphone messages off a phone). If this is true, then it is clear that one of the Prime Minister's top aides has repeatedly lied about his involvement in breaking the law. If true (I stress) then it is he who the bloggers should be after, not some hapless SpAd.

(Full disclosure: I know Glenn Mulcaire - or Trigger as he is known to me - from his time as an AFC Wimbledon footballer)

PS - It's nice to see that the Guardian are running the story and various people are tweeting it

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