Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cornwall Council agrees to reconsider pointless bureaucracy in highways orders

Tonight we held the third full meeting of the Launceston Community Network Area panel. This brings together Cornwall Councillors, parishes, the Town Council, police, health service and anyone else who wants to turn up. The theme for tonight's discussion was traffic and transport.

We were joined by Graeme Hicks, the Cornwall Cabinet Member for highways, as well as some of his officers. Many thanks to Graeme for coming along.

One of the major gripes that I raised was the ridiculous cost of bureaucracy imposed by Cornwall Council and the Government. As regular readers will know, it takes 11 people and costs £3600 to paint 40 feet of yellow line because of a combination of Government and Council paper pushing.

This bureaucracy slows down vital highways improvements and the extra costs mean that less than half of what should be done is actually achieved.

I asked Graeme to look again at the Council policy and to make sure that where there were unnecessary people involved or costly procedures that had little benefit that these are removed. I was delighted that he has agreed to do so. I also hope that he will do what I have done and write to Eric Pickles asking him to lessen the Government bureaucracy too.

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