Friday, 3 September 2010

Clegg to hand back second home profit

Full marks to Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg for keeping his promise to hand back the profit he makes when he sells his MP's second home in Sheffield.

When the expenses scandal broke last year, Nick came out with a very clear line - that he did not think it right for MPs to be in the property speculation business. He regarded the second home he bought with taxpayers' money as being on loan to him and he pledged to return any profit he made when he came to sell it to taxpayers.

Now that expenses rules have changed, MPs can only claim rent and so Nick is selling his second home and will be renting in the city.

The pics are of Nick and his wife Miriam at the house in Sheffield on polling day back in May. Miriam hosted a coffee and cakes party for all the journalists who had been with Nick for the election campaign tour.

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