Tuesday, 17 August 2010

What's the time in Bosnia?

I'm in Sarajevo for four days training parties in campaigning. The idea of the training, which is funded by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, is to help build more robust parties which are cross community (ie not aligned with Serbs, Croats or Bosniaks).

But the biggest problem so far has been deciding what time it is. Bosnia operates on Central European Time which is one hour ahead of the UK. In the old days you would simply put your watch an hour ahead when you landed or kept it on UK time but remembered that it was an hour behind local time.

But not any more.

I don't wear a watch and rely on my mobile phone to tell me the time. So we landed and I didn't bother to change the time on my phone. When I went to bed I set my alarm for 6.30am - so that it would go off at 7.30am local time.

Except that my very clever iphone had changed time zones of its own accord and I got up an hour before I needed to. Mind you, of the four of us on this trip, we came up with three different possible times between us.

The training's going well tho!

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