Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Unfair dismissal vs Leaving of your own accord

The former Chief Exec of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trusts has been awarded £67,250 for unfair dismissal after a tribunal found that he was removed because he stood in the way of plans to transfer some cancer services out of Cornwall to Devon.

The former Corporate Support Director at Cornwall Council was given £78,750 when he left the Council after just 9 months of his own free will.

Anyone who can explain the above should please get in touch.

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John said...

It would seem Peter Lewis did not jump ship voluntarily but was pushed otherwise why would the Council pay him anything at all? A compromise agreement is used to compromise potential employment claims.If he had not been at the Council long enough to claim unfair dismissal what other potential claims were there? He may have had a claim for breach of contract but paying him his notice period would have dealt with that. So did he have some other potential claim? Or did the Council not realise he could not claim unfair dismissal? If so, is the payment legal? One for the Council's HR,legal advisor and auditor to answer.