Monday, 5 July 2010

Those poor MPs

The Telegraph reports that two junior ministers are having to use their own money in order to have a home in their constituencies.

Both Edward Garnier and Hugo Swire have decided that their main home should be in London. Garnier's is said to be worth £2.4million and Swire's £1million.

So when it comes to having a second home in their constituency, they are looking to rent using the new level of allowances. Both claim that the taxpayer-funded rent allowed is too low to be able to afford anything decent. As a result they claim they are having to pay part of the rent out of their own salaries (respectively £126k a year and £98k a year).

Surely, so long as the new rent levels are enough to be able to afford to rent something as a second home then that is the end of the taxpayer's obligations to these men. If they want to rent 'a large farmhouse' as Mr Swire has done, then it is their choice and they should pay accordingly.

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