Thursday, 1 July 2010

Labour forget they have no councillors in Cornwall

The Labour Party, still in self-denial over the economic crisis, appear to have forgotten that, as well as having no MPs in Cornwall, they also have no councillors. Out of 123 in total, they cannot summon up a single Labour winner.

Paul Waugh of the Evening Standard reports that Harriet Harman is launching a campaign against the VAT rise. The thrust of this campaign is to seek to embarrass the Liberal Democrats over the issue. She proclaimed that in an attempt to mobilise a national campaign, Labour will table motions at councils in the backyards of all 57 Lib Dem MPs.

Well, she'll have a tough time of it in Cornwall, where there are three Lib Dem MPs and no Labour councillors.

The Labour campaign itself is hugely hypocritical. It is fair enough to want to oppose the VAT rise. Personally I think that VAT is hugely regressive and I think it is a shame that George Osborne has chosen a VAT rise as part of the measures to tackle the debt crisis. But Labour have failed to offer a single idea about what they would do instead. They were in Government at the time of the economic crash and their mismanagement of the economy contributed much towards the problems that we face now. Yet there hasn't been a peep from Ms Harman or Alastair Darling about what they would do about it. They are content to sit on the sidelines and wail.

In Harrietland, the debt will vanish away if you close your eyes and make a wish. In Harrietland, people think that Gordon Brown was a great Prime Minister. And in Harrietland, there are actually Labour councillors in Cornwall. Wake up Harriet, it's time to stop dreaming.

UPDATE - I've done a bit more digging. Let's just say that it gets a bit worse for Harriet.


Tom said...

Also worth asking Labour - if they think a VAT rise of 2.5% is so dreadful, why did their government enact one on 1 January of this year?

gerardsagar said...

Lanson boy forgets (not deliberately we hope)that Labour has town councillors in Truro and Falmouth, and of course party members all over Cornwall. More than enough Labour supporters in Cornwall to ask LibDem MPs a simple question: how they could stand against raising VAT in their election campaigns, and then vote in favour of 20 per cent VAT less than two months later?

Michael J McCormick said...

They've seen the books!