Sunday, 4 July 2010

David Cameron wants to send me money (not)

A politically savvy phishing email has just arrived in my inbox:

My working partner has helped me to send your
first payment of US$7,500 to you as
instructed by Mr. David Cameron and will
keep sending you US$7,500 twice a week until
the payment of (US$360,000) is completed
within six months and here is the information


SENDER'S NAME: Mr.Alexander Onyibor
AMOUNT: US$7,500

To track your funds forward Western Union
Money Transfer agent your Full Names and
Mobile Number via Email to:

Mr Gary Moore
D/L: Tel:+447045713697

Please direct all enquiring to:

Best Regards,
Mrs. Mr Gary Moore.
Hmm. Hasn't this scamster heard there's a recession on and the Prime Minister is more likely to be demanding money than giving it to me?

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