Thursday, 8 July 2010

Cornwall Council costs - an update

Yesterday I blogged about Cornwall Council spending and the fact that after two months of the financial year, the Conservative led authority is already predicting budget over-spends of almost £4 million by year end.

Cornwall Council's new Corporate Support Director has responded in the press to say that the report indicates the exact opposite - that the fact that the council has identified the overspending shows good budget management and allows the problems to be addressed.

Of course I agree. Cornwall Council has a good system for monitoring the budget and officers regularly present reports to Cabinet showing where services are over-spending. I agree that Mr Crich and his team do a good job in presenting us with the figures.

But just because you know how deep a hole you are in doesn't deflect from the fact that you are in a hole. If the Council has overspent in the first two months of the year and adjusts budgets for the remainder of the year then it is most likely that services will be cut for the rest of the year to make up.

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Anonymous said...

Why have Cornwall Council put an officer up to respond? Shouldn't that be the duty of Cllr Currie, the Cabinet Member who is supposedly in charge of the Budget?