Monday, 28 June 2010

Size matters - at least in cream tea terms

I went to a fascinating meeting this afternoon with some TV producers from cable channel UK TV Food. They are making a series called 'Monster Munch' which will feature competitions to produce the biggest of certain types of food.

One of the ideas they are considering is to produce the biggest cream tea. And, to perpetuate a debate that has been fascinating BBC Radio Cornwall's Laurence Reed for a while, they plan to have a cook off between teams from Devon and Cornwall.

And so they came to talk to a group of us in Launceston about whether we would like to take part and what ideas we had.

Dave, the owner of Mad Hatters Tea Shop in Church Street, has already been thinking quite seriously about this and how he would go about creating a World Record scone. (It's quite complex and relies on bars in the middle of the scone to make sure it is all cooked properly).

Other businesses are keen to help as well including the newly re-opened Harveys which has a huge oven for the cooking side of things. I am told that Kensey Foods and Roddas (the only place to buy proper Cornish Clotted Cream in my opinion) are also joining in.

If we are lucky enough to be picked to take part, we also want to have a huge tea party to celebrate.

Could this end the 'jam on top of cream' vs 'cream on top of jam' debate once and for all? Probably not, but I very much hope that the TV producers decide to invite Launceston to take part.

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