Thursday, 10 June 2010

Royal Cornwall Show - Day One

I managed to get to the Royal Cornwall Show today for a few hours and the weathermen almost got it right! It was cool and blowy and it only spotted with rain for a bit. I hope that they got the anticipated 35,000 visitors - it was definitely busy.

Stars of the show today were the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall who spent more than four hours touring the show and speaking to visitors and exhibitors. Considering that the Duchess only had the plaster taken off her recently broken leg two weeks ago, she was a real trooper.

As ever, despite the estimated 35,000 crowd, I bumped into plenty of people I know.

It's good to see that Cornwall Council were well represented by the different services but had downsized their stand from last year (the NHS took over the space).

It was also great to see the students from Launceston College's Construction Unit showing off their bricklaying skills and getting members of the public to join in.

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