Thursday, 17 June 2010

Kensey Valley Meadow highways fixes

I am very glad to see that Elan Homes, the developers of Kensey Valley Meadow, have contractors on site to deal with the highways and drainage works that need to be done before the road can be adopted.

This afternoon I went round the development with Steve Ewing, one of the council officers in charge of making sure the highways are up to scratch. We looked at some of the works that are being done and talked to a local resident who has had particular problems with drains outside his house. We were very glad to see that Elan had noted the problem with the drain and it was marked up for fixing.

The other issue that needs to be addressed before adoption can happen is the legal transfer of the land from Elan to Cornwall Council. In this area things are not nearly so promising. I am told that work is on-going, but that is what I was told nine months ago. This is incredibly frustrating and I have written formally to the Council's Head of Legal Services asking him to justify the delay and give local residents a definite completing date.

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