Monday, 21 June 2010

Flashpoint Lifeskills Centre

This afternoon, the Cornwall councillors overseeing the fire service visited the Flashpoint Lifeskills centre in Bodmin. This is a centre that was established about 10 years ago by North Cornwall Council and teaches a variety of people about safety both inside and outside the home.

Now the centre is run by Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service and the majority of their visitors are primary school teachers. In addition, they have other school pupils in and they do first aid courses for adults.

Predominantly led by volunteers, the sessions look at 11 different scenarios from the kitchen to a farm yard and a railway track.

The centre is certainly well put together and very visual. There is lots of effort put into each scenario and masses to learn.

The battle for the centre is twofold

- how to get more volunteers in so that they can cope with as many schools as wish to visit

- how to boost the number of schools who want to visit so that every young person in Cornwall gets to learn vital information about safety at home and outside.

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