Friday, 11 June 2010

Council Extras

Yesterday the Government announced that it was cutting almost £4million from Cornwall Council's budget. This isn't from core funding but from the additional monies provided to support additional work.

At the same time, they said they were relaxing the 'ring fencing' which means that a lot of the money given to the council can only be used for named projects. Relaxing the ring fencing is good as it means that councils have more discretion to spend money on services which local people need most.

When asked about the cuts, Council Leader Alec Robertson said that he would be looking to make savings in the 'extra' services that the Council provides. I have therefore asked a question for next Tuesday's council meeting to ask what he means by 'extra' services and whether these include those services which have just had their ring-fencing taken away.

These include playbuilder and play pathfinder schemes, Animal Health and Welfare Enforcement and Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management. Are these services and projects for the chop and, if not, which are?

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