Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Council admits they may need a BSF Plan B

Some time ago, I asked in a council meeting about the bid for money from the Building Schools for the Future fund. Many Cornish schools are in dire need of modernisation and the Council had asked the Government for the cash. But the first bid had been turned down and the Council was asking again. What, I asked, was Plan B should the money be refused again?

The answer was simple. Cornwall doesn't need a Plan B because our application is so good we are definitely going to get the money.

Now the Government has put all new BSF funding on hold because there may not be enough money in the kitty. Having a Plan B suddenly doesn't look like such a bad idea.

Education Cabinet Member Neil Burden has now come around to the idea that an alternative might be needed and conceded to me that the Council would start looking at a Plan B.

The BSF bid is not dead in the water. It is still the best way of securing the funding that local schools so urgently need. I think that everyone in the Council chamber is hoping that it is approved and goes ahead. But it is ludicrous to put all of our eggs in one basket when it comes to something as vital as school buildings. I'm very glad that the Council is seeing sense and thinking of alternatives.

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