Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Cornwall Council - only a little improving

In my pigeonhole at County Hall today was the brand new Council business plan for 2010-2014. I say brand new, but some of it is already out of date because of the budget cuts which are being imposed by the Government.

The front cover (pictured) contains what looks like a Wordle and is clearly meant to show the Council's priorities. In largest print are the management buzzwords - 'passion', 'transform', 'fix', and so on.

In tiny writing are some of the ambitions which I would hope are more important to the Tory led administration - such as 'improving', 'inclusive', 'positive' and 'environmental'.


DNP said...

Interesting that the word 'service' doesn't appear. Or 'customer satisfaction' or 'value for money'

bernard said...

Or 'democracy', 'participation, 'consultation'

DNP said...

From the tone of other posts on this blog, there does seem to be an increasing authoritarianism from the Chief Executive and his minions. So much for localism?