Sunday, 20 June 2010

Congratulations to Duncan and Jo

Many congratulations to Lib Dem MPs Jo Swinson and Duncan Hames who have got engaged.

Those of us who (were sad enough to have) logged on to Twitter after getting home last night were in the virtual front row for the whole event.

Just after midnight, Duncan (@duncanhames) tweeted:

'Asking the question.'

Which was followed by Jo (@joswinson) responding:

'answering "yes" :o)'

Duncan is the new Lib Dem MP for Chippenham in Wiltshire and Jo was elected in 2005 for East Dumbartonshire. Both have been friends of mine for a while. Jo was actually one of the attendees at a Lib Dem Youth and Students 'Activate' training session I helped to organise many years ago.

Will either be tweeting at the wedding itself?

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