Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Anti-skid surfaces on Dutson Road

The anti-skid surfaces at the bottom of Dutson Road outside the Spar shop have become detached and are in a very dangerous state.

These surfaces (a large red patch and a smaller grey patch, pictured) were put down by the Council just over a year ago to help drivers if they approach the mini-roundabout outside Spar too quickly. The idea is that they stop a car from skidding and help drivers keep control.

Unfortunately, the surfaces are crumbling in many areas and, much worse, are coming away in huge sheets in places. You can see some of the surface that has come loose at the bottom of the photo. If a car or lorry brakes suddenly on a loose sheet then it will skid a huge distance and the driver will have little chance of controlling their vehicle.

The roads are currently in a very dangerous state and I have written to the Council asking for urgent action to repair them.

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