Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Super Tuesday is here (slightly more super if you are a Democrat)

Welcome to day 253 of the Donald Trump show. Today is that day in which he could all but seal up the nomination.

Well actually he can't. There have been four contests to date and he has won three of them. A further 11 vote today, which means that there are still 35 states and various territories to come, including most of the biggest states by population (of the big states, only Texas votes today).

But. If Trump wins handsomely in most of today's votes then he will be crowned by the media as the republican nominee and he will carry an almost unstoppable momentum through the rest of the contest. The GOP establishment will have to start trying to figure out how they can work with Trump as their nominee rather than against him.

Today's contests range from Massachusetts to Alabama and Trump is favoured to win both of those. How a single candidate can win such wildly divergent states and still be regarded as a fringe candidate is quite amazing.


In other Trump news, he got quite a pasting for failing to condemn the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, when Duke gave him his support for the presidency. Trump later claimed that he had not heard the question and blamed the 'lousy earpiece CNN made me wear'.

Yeah right.

Which led to the revelation that Trump's father had been arrested in 1927 for participating in a fight between KKK activists and the police. Daddy Trump was not an officer of the law.


On the Democratic side there are 12 votes today, making Super Tuesday ever so slightly more super for the more left leaning party. Among them are American Samoa which had a record turnout in 2008 when 285 people voted in the caucus. Clinton won by the way.

Although Clinton will probably win the majority of contests by a long way, there are set to be close fights in Minnesota, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Colorado. If she fails to win Arkansas then the whole contest might be back open again. But I doubt it.


It is officially Spring in the USA as baseball begins its pre-season warm-up games, known as Spring Training. Expect lots more ordinary Americans to find their way to Arizona and Florida where the 30 MLB teams make their spring homes in order to avoid the election.

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