Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Bloomberg won't run for President

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that he will not be running for the Presidency as an Independent. He seems to have seen through the numerous consultants and others who were persuading him that he could win.

Talk of a third party candidacy had been rife as it is known that Bloomberg (elected in New York as a Republican) has hated the extremes to which candidates such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have reached. Indeed, in his blog, Bloomberg goes into detail on why he thinks both the GOP front runners are wrong.

But the former mayor also sets out (albeit in much less detail) his complaints against the Democrats. He says they have abandoned the desire to build from the centre as Bill Clinton did.

Bloomberg does manage to convince himself that he could have won a plurality of the electoral college but notes that without an overall majority, the decision would have been put in the hands of congress and this would most likely see either President Trump or President Cruz. FiveThirtyEight have more details about the possible scenarios.

Is there any wiggle room for Bloomberg to run as a Republican should the convention be balanced? He says not, but 'never say never in politics'.

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