Friday, 26 February 2016

Christie endorses Trump

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey and one of the candidates for president who has departed the Republican race, has endorsed Donald Trump for the job.

A lot of speculation going on that Christie wants to be considered for the Vice Presidency. And let's face it, he will be out of a job in 2017 (term limited), has pretty awful job approval numbers (about 29% give or take) and tanked in the nomination race, so the only way he is going to get another role is through patronage. If not Veep, he would take a cabinet position. Heck, he would probably take anything that was offered.

He has known and worked with Trump for a few years (Trump being from just across the water in New York) and Trump's politics, when they aren't completely 'out there for the shock value', are more in tune with Christie's Northeastern values than anything else.

Trump is now massive favourite to win the nomination and Christie hates Rubio and Cruz and has little chance of re-building bridges with them. So if you are going to endorse anyone, it may as well be Trump. And he gets extra points for being one of the first elected members of the GOP to actually endorse Trump.

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