Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Cornwall parking charges to fall again

The cost of parking in Cornwall Council car parks will fall again for many drivers as the authority has signed a new deal for those who pay to park by phone.

Until now, paying by phone for parking has incurred a 20p 'convenience fee' for each transaction. That may not be a lot, but it has been enough to deter some drivers. The new contract does away with this charge and I hope that many more drivers will take advantage of cash free parking.

Not only will this mean a saving for drivers, but hopefully also for the council. Whilst there will always be the opportunity to pay by cash, reducing the amount of money in parking machines as more people pay by card will mean less frequent cash collections and a saving for the authority.

Together with my colleagues Jade Farrington and Adam Paynter, I've made fair parking charges one of my main concerns since before I was elected to the council. This is another very welcome step.

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