Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Seeking answers over town centre broadband - UPDATED

Together with my colleague Jade Farrington, I'm seeking answers over the failure to provide superfast broadband to shops, businesses and residents in Launceston town centre.

The programme to bring superfast to Cornwall is a good one. It is partially funded by the EU and has so far provided access to 95% of Cornwall. But, despite pressure from Jade and myself and frequent requests from businesses, the town centre in Launceston has missed out. In part, this was because of the ancient nature of the existing phone system which mean new culverts and wires had to be put in. But that work was done more than a year ago.

So when the announcement came that the government was providing funds to increase connection access to 99% of Cornwall, Jade asked if this meant our town centre would finally be connected. The incredible answer was that the superfast team think it already is and therefore have no plans for work in the town.

Jade and I will keep up the pressure on Superfast Cornwall and BT to properly extend superfast to all of our town. But if you live in the town and cannot get access (and want it) please contact and and copy your email into and

UPDATE - Many thanks to all the residents and businesses who have been in touch. The message from both BT and Superfast Cornwall is that the entire town will be connected soon - they anticipate by the end of September. They also say that much of the town centre will be a FTTP (fibre to the premises) only area. This is normally the gold-plated service which delivers exceptional broadband speeds but at a cost. However, they assure me that those who want regular superfast will be able to get a similar package and similar price to those in other areas of the town. If you have any questions or comments please do get in touch.

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