Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Eagle House Hotel - owners seek permission to convert to private residence

The owners of the Eagle House Hotel in Launceston have lodged a planning application to convert the premises into private accommodation.

This application appears to be the same as the previous application which was rejected by the council on the basis of the loss of amenity to the town. I would hope that this one sees the same result.

Launceston is a growing economy and the demand for bed spaces, both for business and for leisure, is only going to grow. So the loss of hotel beds would be a loss for our town. There would also be nine people who would lose their jobs if this application succeeds.

Perhaps most importantly, the town has, for many years, come to rely on the function room at Eagle House as a venue for everything from wedding receptions to sports club dinners. Whilst other spaces are available to hire, there is nowhere which replicates the facilities which have been on offer at Eagle House.

Public and stakeholder consultation on this application is open until June 22nd and the application number is PA15/04616.

UPDATE: I have been told of a correction to the documents submitted by the applicants and that the total number of jobs to be lost is 4 people employed on a part-time basis, the equivalent of 1.25 full-time posts.

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