Friday, 13 March 2015

Western Greyhound ceases trading

Bus company Western Greyhound has ceased trading this morning. A number of their routes run in the Launceston area. Cornwall Council are co-ordinating efforts to provide services with efforts being concentrated on school routes and those which meet a social need.

The news will cause difficulty for many people who rely on local bus services for work, education and social needs. I know that people in Launceston rely on WG services for travel to Exeter, for example.

Routes operated by the company fall into three categories:

- school routes
These are all covered today and the council (which contracts the operator) will be working to make sure that they are covered in the future too.

- commercial routes
These are the services which operate on a profit-making basis. The council does not have a role in them and they are registered with the transport commissioner. Normally, to register a new operator or route takes some time but, in these circumstances, I hope that any alternative company willing to step in and take up a WG route will be able to do so without delay.

- subsidised routes
These are non-profit making routes which the council subsidises in order to meet a social need. The council is working urgently with other operators to see if replacements can be found. However it may take some days to do so.

As you can imagine, this is a fast-moving situation. The council will be posting updates on its website. If passengers find that the service they rely on is not operating, it may be that another operator will accept WG tickets and passes. Alternatively, try to use local Facebook forums to seek other passengers in a similar situation who may be able to share lifts.

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