Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Concerns over future of facilities at Launceston Police station

I'm backing our local Lib Dem MP Dan Rogerson in his call to get Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner to step in to protect facilities at Launceston Police Station.

It follows suggestions that the custody suite at the station could be closing.

Dan Rogerson said:

“When the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner chose to close the public enquiry desk at Launceston Police Station last year, we were told that other facilities at the station weren’t under threat. It is worrying to now hear that the custody suite could be closing. I am concerned that this would be a loss for Launceston and could also mean that valuable police time is spent transporting people to other custody suites miles away from north and east Cornwall.

“I am meeting with Superintendent Toby Davis in Launceston next Monday to raise concerns about the future of the custody suite. Along with Launceston’s Cornwall Councillors I will be lobbying the Police and Crime Commissioner to use his powers over policing strategy and the annual policing and crime plan to protect facilities at Launceston police station.”

Cornwall Councillor for Launceston Central, Alex Folkes, said:

"Launceston Police Station has been developed as a significant facility for the force, acting as the central custody suite covering a wide area, as well as a base for training, meetings and large operations. To see it being downgraded like this is a significant loss for our town."

"The elected Conservative Police Commissioner, Mr Hogg, has responsibility for setting the overall strategy for the force through his annual policing and crime plan. If he really supported Launceston Police station and the services that it provides then he could act to save them. Any other course of action from him will ring hollow with local people."

I’ll be joining Dan at his meeting next week and will report back afterwards.

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