Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bigger Upper Chapel development gets the go ahead

Cornwall Council has today given the go ahead to a development of 140 new houses at Upper Chapel. This application is on the same site as the controversial 100 home application that was approved by a planning inspector last year and represents an increased density on the same footprint.

I think the tone of the discussion could best be characterised as 'with regret'. After a unanimous rejection of the last application and the very costly appeal, councillors felt that there was little they could do to refuse the application given the very strong comments made by the planning inspector who awarded costs against the authority claimed to be over £100,000. Only one councillor spoke out wholeheartedly in favour of the application.

This remains a site which the people of Launceston feel is not the right place to develop. We have repeatedly voiced our opinion that new development should take place south of the Link Road. But until the Cornwall Local Plan is adopted, such beliefs are unenforceable.

The primary reason that we believe that development at Upper Chapel is wrong is because of the narrow roads, the congestion that will be created around the school and the danger of the junction at Western Terrace. But unless the council actually carries out a full highways assessment, it is impossible to make a proper case against applications such as this. A number of councillors at today's meeting expressed concern about the lack of this highways study.

I hope that this will be the end of applications on this site.

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David said...

Alex, thank you for what you have done and I'm sure that this failure is no reflection of the hard work you guys have put into this. But the realms of sleaze and cosy relations between Cornwall Council and the developers has it would seem ultimately failed. Failed for our environment, failed Launceston, and failed for Cornwall.

Our health centre in crisis limited capacity in our schools, and heavy traffic blighting another area of our town. We together have to protest and make it difficult and expensive for the developers to move and prepare this sight. In addition we must make it clear to folk upcountry that we won't be a happy community toward more incomers anymore.