Tuesday, 23 December 2014

New Support Website

I know it's Christmas week, but I'm hugely grateful to a number of friends who have put together a website in support of me.

You can find it at alexfolkes.org.uk

A huge number of people have already sent me personal messages of support and many have also written in to local newspapers. My friends want to show publicly just how many people think that the way I have been treated is unfair and to keep alive the campaign to get my name cleared.

I have also had a number of people make very kind offers to help fund any legal action I might need to take. At the moment I am discussing with expert lawyers the best way to move forward. When this is decided, I may need help with legal bills. If friends and supporters are willing to make a pledge, that would be massively appreciated.

To those who have asked what is happening at the moment...

In order to prove that the claims made against me are false, I need to gather information held by various agencies including the Met Police and Cornwall Council and rebut those claims which are false. Such information has to be sought through a process known as a Data Subject Access Request. This can take up to 40 days. These applications have all been made - and the Met Police are already beyond this limit. In the meantime, I have already been able to show with documentary evidence that some of the statements made by the council are completely false.

Sadly, I think that this matter will take some time to resolve, not only wasting a huge amount of time and causing a lot of stress and anxiety, but also wasting a huge amount of Cornish taxpayers' money.

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Stephen Howard said...

Dear Alex
It makes very sad reading, in this day and age, unelected Council officers can force an elected councilor out of office. I would be the first to admit that you have been a tremendous servant to Launceston. A lot of councils are under scrutiny surrounding all aspects of Children's services. It would seem that the railroading you have received is driven by alterial motives. You have to hold onto the process of law, that everybody is innocent until proven guilty. For the council to have acted in this way is appalling. Don't give up, you have our support.