Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Made up quote by Graham Smith of the Cornish Guardian

On the Cornish Guardian website there is a story written by Graham Smith. He claims I answered a question which I did not and attributes words to me which I never said.

Mr Smith rang me on Monday to tell me that he and a photographer intended to 'doorstep' me. He then asked me if I had any response to what the council had said. I asked him if we could speak off the record. He agreed. I then said that I would be updating my blog later that day.

Mr Smith then asked me a question about the police investigation in 2006. I told him that I would not be answering that question. He suggested that if I did not answer then his readers would jump to conclusions. I said that I would not be answering his question and ended the call.

Mr Smith has made up a quote which I never said or anything like it.

I have made a formal complaint to the editor of the paper and, if I do not receive an apology and correction I will be making a complaint to the press complaints commission. I reserve the right to take legal action against Mr Smith, the paper and anyone who repeats the libel.

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