Friday, 3 October 2014

Launceston councillors express concern to Police Commissioner over future of Launceston police station

Launceston's councillors have expressed their concern to the elected Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg over the future of Launceston Police Station and the services it provides. Adam Paynter, Alex Folkes and Jade Farrington attended a meeting with the commissioner and local police officers and other councillors today.

The force has confirmed that the front counter will be closed from November 1st and that the future of the custody centre is under review. However the Commissioner gave an assurance that there is no proposal to close the station altogether.

"Local people will be concerned to see the closure of the front counter as it provided a key link for communicating with Police," said Adam Paynter, Liberal Democrat councillor for Launceston North and North Petherwin. "This concern will be heightened by the problems with the 101 non-emergency number which many people tell me does not work properly."

"We pressed the commissioner on the issue of the failings of the 101 number and he told us that the force was conducting a review. As far as we are concerned, the review needs to be completed as soon as possible and action taken to make the service work properly."

Alex Folkes, Liberal Democrat councillor for Launceston Central, raised concerns about the future of the custody centre:

"We have been told that there is a review of custody provision across Devon and Cornwall and we understand that it is likely that either Newquay or Launceston custody centre will close."

"Launceston is a large and modern facility which is very central to the force area. Losing it would mean officers being taken out of our area for three hours or more every time they made an arrest. I'm concerned about the impact this would have on local policing and put this to the commissioner. He agreed to arrange for those conducting the review to come to listen to local concerns before any decision is reached."

Jade Farrington, Liberal Democrat councillor for Launceston South, also raised local concerns over speeding and parking issues:

"Launceston is a low crime area where, thankfully, violent crime and burglaries are few and far between. Local officers are doing a fantastic job, however everyday issues like speeding in residential streets and obstructive parking are causing great concern to residents. Many tell us they would like the police to do more about these things. I raised these points today and urged officers to give them the attention local people are requesting."

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