Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Lib Dem policy of free school meals creates 76 new jobs

At the start of the new school year all infants at school in Cornwall (and throughout England) became eligible for free meals at lunchtime as a result of an intiative promoted by the Liberal Democrats.

As well as the obvious benefits for local families, often struggling to put nutritious food on the table, one other benefit has been to create 76 new jobs for staff to cook and serve those meals. That's just within the Cornwall Council maintained schools. Academies and free schools are also required to provide free meals for infants and their staffing arrangements are a matter for their governors, but there will have been new jobs created there as well.

Obviously the new scheme required new investment and the schools themselves stepped up to the mark to help pay for re-fitting kitchens where work was needed. At the start of the autumn term there were a few schools where some work was still taking place but all schools will be meeting this policy fully by the end of half term.

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