Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hallam come back for more on Upper Chapel

Hallam Land Management, the developers who won permission to build 100 new homes on land north of Upper Chapel in Launceston, have submitted an application to increase the number of houses to 140.

The original application was resisted by both the town council and Cornwall Council as it ran contrary to the town framework plan - the plan developed in conjunction with the local community to set constraints on the building of new homes and new infrastructure over the next 20 years.

However, despite being rejected unanimously by both the town council and Cornwall Council planning committees, Hallam appealed and permission was granted by the government appointed inspector.

This news will come as a bitter blow to the residents of Launceston. We fought the original application because we know it is wrong for our town. We are grateful for the effort that both the town council and Cornwall Council put into the battle to stop a development which will create significant highways problems.

Now we find this was merely a trojan horse as the developers want permission to pack even more homes onto the same space. Just as the first proposal was wrong, this one is too and we will continue to battle against it.

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David said...

Why don't Cornwall Council screw Hallam once and for all by allocating planning permission in all the adjacent fields. We need the energy!