Thursday, 11 September 2014

Cornwall Council adopts a 'more local' approach to council housing

Cornwall Council is moving to a new housing register which will give greater priority to local people. Applicants to join the housing register will need to show a three year residential qualification and the council is seeking advice on whether this can be increased to five.

Delivering homes to meet the needs of local people is a key priority for the Council. We want to tighten up our allocations policy to try and meet the urgent need of our communities and the changes agreed will assist Cornwall Council and Cornwall Housing Ltd to better manage the housing waiting list and ensure that homes are allocated fairly to those in greatest need.
The cabinet also decided to impose an upper earnings and savings limit on those wanting to join the housing register. Anyone with a household income of more than £60,000 or savings above £50,000 will be excluded and, when it comes to allocating a house, preference will be given to those with a household income of less than £30,000. That's important because we should be working to help the poorest families get into adequate housing. Although those on higher incomes may not be 'well off', they are better able to be able to afford to rent privately or to think about buying than those on much lower incomes.
Finally, the council has decided that anyone who has been judged guilty of anti-social behaviour in relation to a tenancy in the past two years will not be eligible to be on the housing register.

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