Monday, 22 September 2014

Cameron's devolution lunch - no mention of Cornwall

Prime Minister David Cameron today held a lunch at his official residence Chequers to discuss a Conservative Party reaction to the vote in Scotland to remain part of the UK. Devolution was top of the agenda but it seems that Cornwall was not mentioned.

In the last few days of the Scottish referendum campaign, the three main party leaders made a pledge about delivering further powers to the Scottish Parliament. Now the parties need to live up to their promises.

But many backbench Tory MPs are concerned that they did not agree to the pledge and want action to address the problem of Scottish MPs being able to vote on English laws, but not vice versa. Hence the lunch at Cameron's 16th century mansion.

Sadly, according to the list of attendees given by Conservative Home, there wasn't a single voice from Cornwall present. It seems that the Conservative debate on devolution will start and end with an English Parliament and will not consider wider issues such as greater powers for cities, counties or regions such as Cornwall.

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