Monday, 15 September 2014

BT Cornwall creating 50 new jobs at Bodmin Beacon offices

BT Cornwall have announced today that they will be creating 50 new jobs at the council's new Bodmin Beacon offices. The offices themselves will save money for the council to help protect front line services.

The new offices will have 625 desks and most of them will be filled from staff already based in Bodmin in various buildings. We need to get out of these because they are old, inefficient and expensive. If our staff move out then we can save money by selling off the old buildings or giving up the leases where they are rented. Depending on the prices we get when we sell them, the new building costs will be made back in about four years. It's a good investment which will save money.

There will be a few staff moving from St Austell and Liskeard, but our overall commitment to a significant presence in these towns remains and this small change has been known about from the start. Similarly, staff will be moving from their base at Higher Trenant in Wadebridge as Cormac take over this building.

But as well as saving money, our aim has always been to use the new building to work more closely with partner organisations and to bring new jobs to Cornwall. So BT Cornwall's commitment to base their tele-health and tele-care work at Beacon and to create 50 new jobs is very good news. Today the Chief Executive of BT Cornwall, Chris Leggett, described Cornwall Council as good people to do business with.

Other space in Beacon will be taken by Cornwall Housing* and by Cornwall Adult Education Service. Both of these are arms length companies delivering services for the council.

It's worth pointing out that the Conservatives - including their parliamentary candidate for North Cornwall - have consistently said that this investment was a bad idea. They refuse to say what services they would have cut instead and have refused to say what plans they have to bring new jobs to Bodmin or anywhere else in North Cornwall.

*Cornwall Housing will be confirming their decision on taking space at their board meeting later this month following approval at a finance committee and previous board meeting.

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