Thursday, 28 August 2014

Labour councillor Michael Bunney resigns

Michael Bunney, the Labour councillor for Mevagissey is resigning from Cornwall Council. His resignation will take effect this Sunday, 31st August.

Cllr Bunney is a teacher and has recently been appointed to a position at a council maintained school in Cornwall. That makes him an employee of the authority and therefore ineligible to be an elected member on the same council. Until now, Cllr Bunney has worked in Devon and so was not barred.

When he was elected in May 2013, Michael Bunney won 30% of the vote. In second place was UKIP with 28% and the Conservatives came third on 24%. The Liberal Democrats won 14% and the Greens 5%. A by-election will be held this autumn.

Congratulations to Michael on his new job and sorry to see him go.

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