Friday, 11 July 2014

Lib Dems come from fourth to win Illogan by-election

The excellent David Ekinsmyth has tonight been declared the winner of the Illogan by-election caused by the resignation of Conservative Terry Wilkins.

David has been a parish councillor in the area for many years and that clearly played a large part in his victory. But it also goes to show that the Lib Dems are far from dead and buried as some people might have it. This was a win from fourth place just a year ago in a contest where turnout actually went up.

It's also great news for Julia Goldsworthy who is fighting to re-take the Camborne, Redruth and Hayle parliamentary seat which she lost by just 66 votes last time.

Result - Illogan by-election

David Ekinsmyth Liberal Democrat 277 votes 23.8% (+10.1)
Mebyon Kernow 217 votes 18.6% (-6.6)
Conservative 215 votes 18.5% (-10.3)
UKIP 156 votes 13.4% (-9.1)
Labour 129 votes 11.1% (+1.3)
Liberal 121 votes 10.4% (+10.4)
Green 50 votes 4.3% (+4.3)

Lib Dem gain from Conservative.

This won't change the fundamental balance on the council, which is run by a Lib Dem and Independent partnership. But it does cement the Lib Dem position as the largest group. 
Just a few weeks ago, UKIP were apparently sweeping all before them in local and European Parliament elections. But today they lost 9% and slipped from third to fourth. Are they a busted flush already? Perhaps we will see next week when there is another by-election in Mabe, caused by the resignation of UKIP's Michael Keogh.

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KRA said...

Well done - do you need any telephone stuff done for next week?

Alex Folkes said...

Always! Either log into Connect and use VPB - 04ABDI-4615 or Many thanks

KRA said...

Will do.