Monday, 14 July 2014

Application to turn Eagle House Hotel into residential dwelling turned down

I have received the news that the application to turn Eagle House Hotel into a single private residence will be turned down today by Cornwall Council's planning case officer.

The current owner of the hotel had applied to return the property to a single residence, partly on the basis that they said that it is not economically viable as a hotel.

Campaigners against the move were concerned that it would mean the loss of both hotel bedrooms and the function room. The latter is a very popular venue for all sorts of occasions including weddings, anniversaries, club functions and exhibitions.

The planning officer has decided that the loss of local amenity is sufficient to turn down the application.

Now that this matter is decided, I hope that it will provide reassurance to all those who have booked functions at Eagle House and that the current owners will continue to provide the venue that the town relies on. Given the outcome, and the desire to provide certainty to those who have bookings there, I don't see a reason to call this issue to committee which would prolong the uncertainty.

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