Monday, 2 June 2014

Police Commissioner replies on Launceston front counter worries

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the threat to the police front counter in Launceston. It is scheduled for closure under a plan revealed by the Conservative Police Commissioner.

I wrote to the commissioner, Mr Hogg, asking a number of questions about the plan. I wanted to know how access to police services would be maintained and, in particular, what would be done to publicise the 101 non-emergency number and to make that service better.

I've had a reply from Mr Hogg which I reproduce in full below. But I remain concerned that this appears to be a foregone conclusion and the alternatives have not been properly considered. I quite understand that police station front counters might no longer represent good value for money and that alternatives might be better. But with such alternatives still being substandard, I think the commissioner is in danger of getting rid of a good service before a suitable replacement is ready.

I would ask him to reconsider this approach. Certainly he and the police force need to do more to give the public confidence in the alternative 101 service. I also think that the commissioner needs to do more to lead by example and should be slimming down his bloated personal office and expenses.

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