Monday, 23 June 2014

Major South West Water works proposed for Launceston

Launceston will see major works by contractors on behalf of South West Water over the coming months. The half million pound package of works will result in significant road closures.

The works are needed to repair parts of the sewer network in the town. South West Water are currently undertaking an extensive consultation exercise with businesses, residents and town organisations in order to make sure that the disruption will do as little harm as possible.

The most significant works will be at the junction of Madford Lane, Windmill Hill, Westgate Street and Dockey where a road closure will be needed for between three and five weeks and traffic light controls will be needed for a period of time around that.

Other significant works will include Pennygillam Way, the Chapel area, Newport Industrial Estate, Kensey Hill and the Exeter Street/Dockacre Road/Tavistock Road junction. All of these works are likely to require traffic lights and may result in delays. There will be many further works taking place around the town which will require less obvious traffic measures.

Overall the works will take place over a period from August through to February, but South West Water is keen to make sure that individual components take place at the least disruptive times and key events such as the carnival and late night shopping will be avoided. They are also keen to make sure that all businesses will remain open throughout.

As soon as the final works package has been agreed and timings decided, South West Water will make these public and I will put them here.

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Sophia Wright said...

I hope South West Water don't disrupt things too much during September. I'm down in Launceston then for two weeks on business!