Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Cornwall to lose police officers over summer - UPDATED

Local papers are reporting that Devon and Cornwall will be losing police officers over the summer to help out in other parts of the UK. Local officers will be helping out with such things as a NATO summit in Wales and the Northern Ireland marching season.

Cornwall is a low crime area, but accordingly we have comparatively low police numbers. The Conservative Police Commissioner, Tony Hogg, has made a lot of his aim of keeping police officer numbers above the 3000 mark, but it seems this level will be breached for the first time over the summer as up to 200 officers at a time will be out of the area.

And although we are a low crime area, the population of Cornwall rises massively over the summer and the holiday months are when we tend to have more incidents. This is precisely the time when we need local officers on home ground.


Originally this blogpost criticised the Police Commissioner for apparently making no comment on the issue. I had relied on the newspaper story and checking the Commissioner's own website which was silent on the issue (at least at the time of writing). I'm happy to stand corrected as the WMN version of the story features the Commissioner's comments as their lead. My apologies to the Commissioner for briefly carrying an incorrect claim here.

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