Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Cornwall Conservatives propose Plymouth base

Cornwall's Conservative leader today made the extraordinary claim that the best way to deliver Cornwall Council services is from offices in Plymouth.

At a briefing to discuss the authority's long term strategy, Cllr Fiona Ferguson said that the council should consider renting office space in the city and requiring Cornish residents in South East Cornwall to travel there to access council services.

The hostility of Cllr Ferguson to the new offices in Bodmin is well known. She has opposed the plan despite the fact that it will save money and could bring new jobs to Cornwall. But abandoning Cornwall to base council services in Devon is a new tack.

Of course this isn't the first time that Cornwall's Conservatives have suggested supporting the economy of Plymouth in preference to Cornwall. Back in 2009, the then Council Leader Alec Robertson authorised the use of £50,000 of Cornwall taxpayers' money to support Plymouth's bid to host the football world cup.

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