Monday, 16 June 2014

Clegg promises Lib Dem action on second homes

Nick Clegg has today promised that the Lib Dems will continue to take action to limit the number of second homes in Cornwall and the damage thatthey can do to local communities.

Speaking to the Western Morning News, Nick said that we don’t want have this problem of:
"the whole community being filleted. Gutted. With no prospect of youngsters finding a home they can call their own."
Nick went on to say that part of the resolution would be for more homes to be built and that is what Liberal Democrats, both nationally and locally want to see - appropriate numbers of new homes targeted at housing local people in housing need.

Lib Dems in Cornwall have long called for two new measures to protect communities from the adverse impact of too many second homes:
  • requiring planning permission for the change of use of any main family home into a second or holiday home;
  • the ability for councils to charge a premium level of council tax to second or holiday homes in order to be able to continue to afford to provide the full range of services to rural communities with a predominance of second homes.
It is good that the Lib Dems nationally recognise that the problem is still an acute one in many areas of the country and remain committed to action.

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