Monday, 12 May 2014

Town Hall to fly the flag

Launceston's town hall will be flying the Cornish flag of St Piran every day in the future. The decision was taken at the full council meeting last Friday.

I was an enthusiastic supporter of the move put forward by Cllr Rob Tremain, the town crier. As the historic capital of Cornwall, I think it is important to reflect both our history and our position within Cornwall. It also reminds some that Cornwall continues east of Bodmin!

The move was opposed by Cllr John Conway who pointed out that only 7% or so of Launceston residents wrote on their census forms that they felt themselves to be Cornish. But this move is more about reflecting where we are rather than how many people chose to tick a box on a form.

And, while Launceston is proud to reflect on its Cornish heritage, that does not mean that we do not continue to welcome the many thousands of visitors who come to our town ever week and the residents who originate from outside Cornwall.

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